01. Trying to sing karaoke in front of my classmates was a [humiliating] experience.
02. The little boy hid under the teacher's desk in [humiliation] after wetting his pants in class.
03. The home team was [humiliated] by their opponents 15-3.
04. Looking for a job can be a very [humiliating] experience at times.
05. He [humiliated] himself in front of his boss and co-workers when he got drunk at the restaurant, and puked on the waitress.
06. He felt totally [humiliated] after losing in the first round of the tournament.
07. Prisoners have been repeatedly [humiliated] by the guards, who force them to stand naked while they take photos of them.
08. The boss [humiliated] him in front of the entire staff by saying he was the company's worst employee ever.
09. Her father felt [humiliated] when he had to ask her for some money to help him pay for his medical bills.
10. I felt so [humiliated] when Erica burst out laughing when I asked her out.
11. The election was a [humiliation] for the conservative leader who lost his own seat despite the fact his party won the vote.
12. You [humiliate] your mother when you act like that in public.
13. There is a Serbian proverb which states that to serve the elderly is an honor, but to serve the young is [humiliating].
14. Ellen Key once observed that hitting a child is as [humiliating] for him who gives it as for him who receives it; it is ineffective besides.
15. Speaking of the fall of Marcos in the Philippines, Corazon Aquino said that all the world wondered as they witnessed a people lift themselves from [humiliation] to the greatest of pride.
16. During the war in Bosnia, Muslim women were being raped as a deliberate tactic to [humiliate] and traumatize them.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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